Blink Directory Structure

Blink shipped with an recommended application structure that would be suit for various applications by default, The following is a short description for each individual directory:

your-app/                   application root directory
    composer.json           Composer configuration file, stored information about installed packages
    src/                    application source code
            app.php         basic application configurations
            server.php      Swoole server configuration
            services.php    service configurations
            plugins.php     application plugin configurations
        console/            console commands
        http/               http related
            controllers/    controllers stored here
            routes.php      routing configurations
        models/             database models
        bootstrap.php       application bootstrap file
    tests/                  unit tests or functional tests for PHPUnit
    runtime/                runtime data or cache
    vendor/                 all vendor packages installed by Composer
    blink                   Blink command line entry script

And, of course, Blink is designed as flexible as enough, you absolutely can custom your application structure to suit your specific requirements.

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