Properties and Configurations

The design of Properties and Configurations is inspired by Yii Framework, Blink implemented a subset of Yii's Properties and Configurations feature, you can checkout Yii's corresponding documentation for more detailed information.


Blink enhanced the property implementation by utilizing PHP's magic method. With the enhanced property, is it possible to inject some custom code when reading or writing properties. Blink provides the feature by blink\core\Object class, it implemented the enhanced property by defining getter and setter class method. If a class need this functionality, it should extend from blink\core\Object or its child class.

A getter method is a method whose name starts with the word get; a setter method starts with set. The name after the get or set prefix defines the name of a property. For example, a getter getLabel() and/or a setter setLabel() defines a property named label, as shown in the following code:

use blink\core\Object;

class Foo extends Object
    private $_label;

    public function getLabel()
        return $this->_label;

    public function setLabel($value)
        $this->_label = trim($value);

A property defined by a getter without a setter is read only. Trying to assign a value to such a property will cause an blink\core\InvalidCallException. Similarly, a property defined by a setter without a getter is write only, and trying to read such a property will also cause an exception.

Besides the class blink\core\Object, Blink also provides blink\core\ObjectTrait trait and blink\core\Configure interface, by using them, it is useful to making third-party classes compatible with Blink and utilizing the Properties and Configurations feature of Blink.


Configurations are widely used in Blink when creating new objects or initializing existing objects. Configurations usually include the class name of the object being created, and a list of initial values that should be assigned to the object's properties.

In the following, it is a configuration used to create and initialize a log service:

$config = [
    'class' => 'blink\session\Manager',
    'expires' => 3600 * 24 * 15,
    'storage' => [
        'class' => 'blink\session\FileStorage',
        'path' => 'path/to/sessions'
$session = make($config);

The make() function takes a configuration array as its argument, and creates an object by instantiating the class name in the configuration. When the object is instantiated, the rest of the configuration will be used to initialize the object's properties.

Configuration Format

The format of a configuration can be formally described as:

    'class' => 'ClassName',
    'propertyName' => 'propertyValue',


  • The class element specifies a fully qualified class name for the object being created.
  • The propertyName elements specify the initial values for the named property. The keys are the property names, and the values are the corresponding initial values. Only public member variables and properties defined by getters/setters can be configured.

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