Upgrading to v0.4

If you are still using Blink v0.3 or previous versions, this section will guide you to upgrade to v0.4.

The following are the key points that should be noticed before upgrading:

1. The previous Request::getBody() is now renamed to Request::getPayload()

According to PSR-7, The Request::getBody() will now returns a Psr\Http\Message\StreamInterface instance. The previous feature provided by getBody() is now replaced by getPayload().

So, you just need to replace all $request->getBody() or $reqeust->body to $request->getPayload() or $request->body.

2. Request::getParams() and Request::getPayload() will not convert some special characters (such as .) into _

If you rely on this feature, you should change your code. For more detail you may have a look at this

3. blink\core\Object is now renamed to blink\core\BaseObject

To compatible with PHP 7.2, The blink\core\Object class is now renamed to blink\core\BaseObject. If your project requires PHP 7.2 and above, all references of Object should be replaced with BaseObject.

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