Environment Configuration

Starting from v0.4, Blink added dotenv alike mechanism to store environment specific or sensitive configurations.

To utilize this feature, we can create different env config file with different name, such as env.dev for development and env.prod for production.

The following is the example:

  1. env.dev

  2. env.prod

     mysql_host= # the ip address

And then, in our php configuration file, we utilize env() helper function to retrieve env config:

// located in src/config/services.php
'mysql' => [
    'host' => env('mysql_host', 'localhost'),
    'port' => env('mysql_port', 3306),

At last, we specify an environment variable named ENV_FILE to start Blink application server:

ENV_FILE=env.dev ./blink server:serve

Now, the env config is working for us~

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